DJs for Durango and Southwest Colorado Weddings

Brad and I wanted to thank you for all you did for our wedding this past May. You hit the nail on the head with the type of music you played, and everyone had such a blast. It couldn’t have been any more perfect for the both of us, and you played a huge part in that. Your professionalism and expertise are unmatched and we have been, and will continue, to recommend you to everyone!

Thank you so very much!
Brad and Erin Stillmank

AIKO AIKO Sound has performed at hundreds of weddings across the 4 Corners region over the past 15 years.

No matter where we perform, our goal is always the same:  make sure that you have a good time at your own reception!

How do we do this?

1.  We offer a free pre-reception consultation to go over all the details and sequence of events so you don’t have to worry about them at your reception.

2.  We help you select the special music and the musical mix that fits both your style and your guests’ requests.

3.  We provide you with a disc jockey that can act with personable emcee skills and timely, tasteful interactions with you and your guests.

4.  We are more than happy to share our professional expertise that will help you customize your reception to fit that picture you’ve had in mind all these years.

All of our wedding packages include:

  • Availability of a wide selection of music that is continually updated – Big Band, Country, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Top 40 … You can have it all!
  • Professional sound and lighting equipment.
  • Available extras like bubble machines, uplighting, dance videos, karaoke, mirror ball – All can add that little something extra to your reception.

Recommendations are always available.

$135/hour: Our music only package. This is designed for the outside, daytime or other wedding where lighting is not a concern.

$145/hour: In addition to the music, we add a bubble machine, mirror ball and dance lights.

$75: We can also provide music for your ceremony.

$100: Add karaoke to your reception. We supply the music and lyrics. You and your guests provide the entertainment. Karaoke must be reserved ahead of time.

$75: Add uplighting (view pics) – Set a unique and elegant lighting appearance to your reception.

All packages include:

  • No charge for set up/take down.
  • Arrival at your event an hour before to set up ( so you don’t worry!!).
  • A qualified disc jockey using professional series sound and lighting equipment.
  • Access to over 11,00 song titles from our continually updated musical library.


Your reception is a once in a lifetime event. You want to make sure that the vendors you hire will help you make it memorable. Here are some questions you should ask.


Experience brings knowledge of common problems and situations. Be sure the dj has experience with receptions.

AIKO AIKO Sound has serving brides and grooms for over 20 years. We average 70 receptions a year in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.


References are the best source of information.

AIKO AIKO Sound is more than happy to provide you with a list of references.


An involved business person shows a willingness to learn, network and share ideas. It also shows that a business is confident about the professionalism of their services.

AIKO AIKO Sound belongs to the American Disc Jockey Association, Colorado Disc Jockey Association and the Durango Chamber of Commerce.  The ADJA offers membership to those companies who exhibit a high degree of professionalism and attention to the needs of the customer. 


Requests should be welcome; requests make your guests feel a part of the festivities. If a song seems inappropriate, a good dj will explain the reason and ask for an alternative song.

AIKO AIKO Sound not only honors requests but we will help you in getting those requests through our on line request service or by visiting with your guests at appropriate times of your reception.


A professional will be there early enough to set up and do all the sound checks well in advance of the first guest arriving.

AIKO AIKO Sound arrives at your reception an hour before your guests arrive. There is no charge to you for this set up time.


Proper attire reflects a positive image to you and your guests.

AIKO AIKO Sound will be dressed in a professional attire or theme attire, when appropriate.


Insurance is part of any legitimate business. Liability policies protect yourself, your guests and the dj company.

AIKO AIKO Sound is insured through the American Disc Jockey Association.


Using professional sound equipment helps insure reliable service and quality presentation.

AIKO AIKO Sound uses only professional gar that is presented in a professional manner. We use names such as Peavy, American DJ, QSC, and Audio Technica in all of our systems

What are the most requested songs?

Here is a complete list of the most requested songs in 2017.

First Dance Etiquette

The dance is usually after the main course is served. If the reception is large the couple may choose to have guests start dancing after they go through the receiving line. This will give guests something to do and the couple time to catch their breath. The master of ceremonies or bandleader should signal for the floor to be cleared so everyone can focus on the bride and grooms first dance as husband and wife.

There are different traditional dance formalities. The bride and groom can choose their dance order any way they choose. However, many choose to open the dancing to all after the first dance, to prevent an uncomfortable situation when divorced parents are involved.

  • Bride and groom, on the dance floor by themselves.
  • Bride’s father cuts in with her while the groom asks the bride’s mother to dance.
  • Groom’s father cuts in with the bride, bride’s father dances with his wife.
  • Groom with his mother, and grooms father and mother.
  • Best man and the groom dances with the maid of honor.
  • Attendants and guests join in.

New tradition:

  • Bride and groom
  • Bride and father-in-law then bride’s father cuts in.
  • Groom and mother-in-law then grooms mother cuts in.
  • Bride and best man, groom and maid of honor
  • Attendants and guest join in.

With the father-in-law dancing first, this show’s he is welcoming his new daughter-in-law happily into his family, same with the mother-in-law welcoming her new son-in-law into her family.

The Bride may want to have a special dance with her father a half hour before their departure. The bride may want to pick a special song a head of time. The mother of the bride and groom may cut in half way through.

After the parents and wedding party have danced. Some bride starts her “Dollar or Money Dance”. At this time any one who dance with the bride puts money in her dress. Not all bride do this, some do it to have money for their honeymoon. Groom can also have their dance too.

Remember it’s your wedding day; you can also set your own tradition.