From Homecoming to Prom, to any dance in between, AIKO AIKO Sound has performed at a wide variety of college, high school and middle school dances.

Hip-Hop, Swing, Country, Disco, Techno, Old School & Rock… We spin the latest music, which we continually update from our musical sources like MTV, VH1, iTunes, Spotify, CMT and Billboard and mix it with crowd favorites from the past.

All of our music is radio edited so that it does not offend anyone and makes school administrators happy!!


Our equipment is designed to provide maximum and clear sound. We feature:

  • Sub woofers and full range 15 “ speakers
  • Peavy and Crown Series Amplifiers
  • Virtual DJ Mixing Software
  • Over 11,000 song selections in a variety of genres (rock, dance, hip hop, country) that you can select from for your dance


In order to enhance the dance experience we have added the newest in dj lighting from 2 of the industry leaders: American DJ and Chauvet.

Chauvet Motion Drape - This is a great centerpiece lighting option. ($60 for the evening)

We also offer the following lighting. You can add 2 for an additional $15/hour, 3 for an additional $20/hour and 4 for an additional $25/hour. We provide all the lighting truss and power supplies needed to support these lighting features.

Chauvet Circus

Chauvet Scorpion Laser

Chauvet Vue III

Chauvet Shadow Black Light

Chauvet Mega Strobe

American DJ Micro Hypnotic Laser

Chauvet Sweeper

American DJ Mega Bar 50

Full Animation Laser

American DJ Fog Array

Additional Services:

We also offer a variety of other services for your event.

Music videos – See the music as well as hear it- $200 for the evening. We use HD projectors and rear projection screens so we need a minimum of 20 feet for this to be effective.

Karaoke – Be the star of your own dance!! $100 for the evening


Our pricing is based on a per hour rate of $135/hour. This includes all sound equipment, an interactive and trained DJ and unlimited consultations with your planning committee. We do not charge for set up or take down time.

Get in touch with us with any questions and we’ll help you put on a dance that will long be remembered!